Zygoma Implant

Dental implantology has resolved the majority of partial or complete teeth loss cases in the upper & lower jaw :

So far we have applied the “All on 4” technique for many cases of entire missing teeth in the upper jaw with severe bone loss on both sides, which gave a very good treatment outcomes for patients. However, in some cases, because of extreme osteopenia, the following prosthesis has got a limit on the number of teeth and chewing strength, which made the patient unsatisfied.

zygoma implant 1


Nobel Biocare firm has again studied and offered a solution: Attaching the implant into the cheekbones (zygoma) to resolve the entire missing teeth cases in the upper jaw with large maxillary sinus and severe alveolar bone loss.

zygoma implant 2


With Cone Beam CT Scan before surgery, experienced team of surgeons in oral & maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontists and laboratory technicians, using Nobel -Biocare Zygoma implant systems unique in the world, those are necessary conditions for performing this outstanding technique.
The success of Zygoma implants have been reported in many International Implant conferences and International medical journals. In many studies, the success rates can be up to 98%

zygoma implant 3


zygoma implant 4.gif

Xrays film after Zygoma implant placement 

For the first time in Vietnam, Dr.Hung & Associates Dental Center has this technique applied in our center. We hope and believe that there will be more helpful for patients who have entire missing teeth in the upper jaw but implant placement was rejected because of their severe bone loss…

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Patient Review By Connie H

I came to Dr Hung's Dental Centre on the advice of a friend who had already come 2 years before to get her own dental work done. On arrival, I found the clinic to be clean, beautiful and professional looking. The staff were all very friendly, helpful and caring even though sometimes the language barrier was a problem - somehow we managed to get around that with sign language! My teeth needed major work as I had had many fillings in the past, my teeth looked cracked and worn down and I had had a few extractions. I had my teeth capped, 3 implants and a bridge put in. It was much more cost effective than were I live in Australia. My dentist was very good - and very patient! I am a very nervous patient and my teeth were very sensitive. However my dentist was very skilled and persevering. I now have very natural looking, lovely teeth. Thank you Dr Hung and your team for your lovely work and for the confidence I have with my new smile!

- Connie H

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Patient Review By Dragos U

I had very good experience at Dr, Hung Dental Center, very good doctors and all the staff. They have very good price as well compared to Australia, Europe and USA. I would highly recommend Dr. Hung's clinic.

- Dragos U

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Patient Review By Dom Elliott

i would reccomend Dr hung surgey to everyone a brilliant city to visit and brilliant doctors

- Dom Elliott

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Patient Review By Marilyn Boyse

My husband and I had dental work done and we are thoroughly delighted to highly recommend the expertise, diligence and compassionate care that was given to us. We felt special. The end product is wonderful and most importantly very little pain. They really do practice painless dentistry. We wish Dr Hung and all his staffl the very best wishes for now and the future.

- Marilyn Boyse

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Patient Review By Dennis F

Very professional service which exceeded all my expectations. The most modern clinic I have ever seen, with all the latest equipment in house. Combined with a very high level of cleanliness, all my prior research has certainly paid off.

- Dennis F

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