Our Implant Placement Procedure

The Implant placement procedure usually includes 2 stages:

STAGE 1: IMPLANT PLACEMENT (require 4-5 visits in 4-5 days and 1 check-up after 8-10 days)

First appointment:

implant placement 1
  •  Overall health examination for oral health conditions.
  • Take a CT Cone Beam X-Rays at the office for doctors’ studies.
  • The doctors use NOBEL CLINICIAN – surgical guidance software to perform virtual 3D surgery on the computer, to select the most suitable location and implant placement size, then establish a final treatment plan after discussion with the client.
  • General dental cleaning before implant placement.
  • Taking images and impression for study cast.
  • (Making Surgical guide for All-On-4 and All-On-6 for complete edentulous arch cases)

Second appointment: Implant placement surgery (Usually takes 15’/implant thus a maximum of 3h/case for complex cases requiring tooth removal, bone grafting and implant placement for 2 jaws)

  • Anaesthetist’s support is available to complete surgery for 2 jaws in one appointment.
  • A temporary crown or denture will be placed after the surgery
  • If needed, patients can rest at ICU before leaving

implant placement 2

 Third/fourth appointment: Re-examination and taking care of Implants

  • (Crown of Implants on second day if immediate prosthesis is required)

Immediate prosthesis after implant placement: In some cases, with good health and excellent jawbone, crown can be attached to the implanted metal post immediately after the implant is placed.

  • Put on the healing cap immediately after implant placement
  • Scan or take impression to make crown on implants
  • Lab In-House will create the crowns (within 24h)
  • Install abutment and crown on implant (within 72h after the implant placement)

Fourth/fifth appointment: Cutting the stitches and final check-up (8-10 days after the implant placement)


First appointment:

  • Overall examination and X-Rays
  • Put on the healing cap
  • Wait 5-7 days for the wound to heal

implant placement 3

Second appointment: (after 6-8 days)

  • Take impression for prosthesis on Implant
  • In-House Lab: Implement prosthesis plan (2-3 days)

Third appointment: (after 8-10 days)

  • Install the abutment
  • To make the new tooth or teeth, doctor will take impression of your bite/jawbone, and will create a jaw template which captures all of your teeth, their types, and arrangement. The new tooth or teeth is created and placed based on this template.

Fourth appointment:

  • Final check-up

Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 49 Dental Implant and Dental Implants reviews.

Patient Review By Shane K

I came to have 2 implants put in for my 2 front top teeth. Dr. Hung and his crew were very professional. I was very impressed with his surgery and the way they worked. I had very little pain, much less then I would ever have expected and the work was completed quickly and efficiently. My first visit to have the implants set in was done over 2 visits in 2 days then a check up a week later before I flew home. I revisited to have the crowns put on 5 months later and again the work was done in 2 days. Thank you Dr. Hung, I am very happy with my teeth.

- Shane K

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Patient Review By Maria

I saw Dr Do Dinh Hung's clinic when he was located in District 3. I got 5 implants and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, quality of service and friendliness experienced. I plan to go back this year, to get more implants done, and I will never use any other dentist. Thank you Dr Hung!

- Maria

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Patient Review By Cecilia Vu

I cannot describe how happy I am with the results of my dental work. I would like to say thank you to the wonderful team at Mr Hung & Associates Dental Centre for providing me with their high quality service. I am so impressed with each team member’s professionalism and caring manner. I have had so many compliments about my teeth since returning home to Australia and I will be recommending this facility to all my friends and family. In fact, I will be returning in a few months with a few friends to get some more dental work done! Talk about a million dollar smile 🙂

- Cecilia Vu

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Patient Review By Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hocking

All as quoted and very good result for my wife and I. We had crowns, implants and veneers. I would recommend to family and friends.

- Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hocking

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Connie H

I came to Dr Hung's Dental Centre on the advice of a friend who had already come 2 years before to get her own dental work done. On arrival, I found the clinic to be clean, beautiful and professional looking. The staff were all very friendly, helpful and caring even though sometimes the language barrier was a problem - somehow we managed to get around that with sign language! My teeth needed major work as I had had many fillings in the past, my teeth looked cracked and worn down and I had had a few extractions. I had my teeth capped, 3 implants and a bridge put in. It was much more cost effective than were I live in Australia. My dentist was very good - and very patient! I am a very nervous patient and my teeth were very sensitive. However my dentist was very skilled and persevering. I now have very natural looking, lovely teeth. Thank you Dr Hung and your team for your lovely work and for the confidence I have with my new smile!

- Connie H

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Patient Review By Dragos U

I had very good experience at Dr, Hung Dental Center, very good doctors and all the staff. They have very good price as well compared to Australia, Europe and USA. I would highly recommend Dr. Hung's clinic.

- Dragos U

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Patient Review By Dom Elliott

i would reccomend Dr hung surgey to everyone a brilliant city to visit and brilliant doctors

- Dom Elliott

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Patient Review By Marilyn Boyse

My husband and I had dental work done and we are thoroughly delighted to highly recommend the expertise, diligence and compassionate care that was given to us. We felt special. The end product is wonderful and most importantly very little pain. They really do practice painless dentistry. We wish Dr Hung and all his staffl the very best wishes for now and the future.

- Marilyn Boyse

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Patient Review By Dennis F

Very professional service which exceeded all my expectations. The most modern clinic I have ever seen, with all the latest equipment in house. Combined with a very high level of cleanliness, all my prior research has certainly paid off.

- Dennis F

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