All-on-4 and All-on-6 in vietnam

1. What are All-On-4 and All-On-6?

All-on-4 and All-on-6 are the techniques used to restore all lost tooth on one jaw with 4 or 6 implants. With All-on-4 and All-on-6, the number of restored teeth is 10-12 teeth per jaw. This helps reduce the number of implants required, hence reducing the cost of treatment, while still maintaining chewing function and aesthetic feature.

With All-on-4 and All-on-6, doctor will place 4-6 implants per jaw for the patient, depending on individual condition. Prosthesis on implants could either be fixed or removable. For All-On-6, it is more likely that the prosthesis would be fixed.

All-on-4 and All-on-6

2. Which cases are suitable for All-on-4 and All-on-6 in vietnam?

  • Complete edentulous arch
  • Bone loss
  • Patient wants to have the function, aesthetic similar to real teeth
  • Stable health condition (Doctor will inform if the patient has illness or special health condition)
  • Sufficient bone for implant placement (inadequate cases may require pre-operative bone graft surgery, or simultaneous bone grafting during implant placement).

Cases with missing teeth on one or both jaws are suitable for All-On-4 and All-On-4

3. What are the pros and cons of All-on-4 and All-on-6?


  • Good functionality
  • High aesthetic
  • Easy to fix
  • Up to lifetime warranty (Depending on implant brand)


  • High cost
  • Require special equipment / tool to clean
  • Require 2 stages of treatment, each of which is 6-8 months (or even 1 year) apart depending on each case

4. Compare All-on-4 and All-on-6

  • All-On-4 is indicated when there is not enough bone in back teeth to place additional implants.
  • All-On-6 is more commonly used for fixed prosthesis. All-On-4 can be used for fixed or removable prosthesis, depending on specific conditions (BS will inform the patient).
  • All-on-6 tends to have better functionality as more implants provide more support for teeth

5. What is the procedure for All-on-4 and All-on-6?

Step 1: The procedure for All-On-4 and All-On-6 fluctuates depending on the individual case. On average, each case requires approximately 14-15 days, including 4-5 appointments and one check up.

  • Taking X-rays and general examination
  • Implant placement surgery (with teeth removal and bone graft if needed) in one appointment
  • Take impression for temporary prosthesis (The technique would vary depending on the type of prosthesis)
  • Install the temporary prosthesis and adjustment (if needed) in several appointments
  • Final check up

Step 2 (6 – 8 months later): On average, each case requires approximately 10 days

  • Take CT Cone Beam X-rays and check the implant(s)
  • Take impression for study cast
  • Install permanent prosthesis and adjustment (2-3 appointments)
  • Re-examination and final check up

It is recommended that patients have re-examination every 6 months, either at our center or with any local dentist.

Procedure for All-On-4 and All-On-6 implant placement at our center

6. Price table for All-on-4 and All-on-6 in vietnam

7. Warranty Policy in Vietnam

At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, we apply the 10-year up to lifetime warranty policy for All-On-4 or All-On-6 implant placement at our center.

  • Lifetime Warranty for Implant placement by Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Biohorizons.
  • 15 years Warranty for Implant placement by Tekka.
  • 10 years Warranty for Implant placement by MIS.

Dental implant pass provided by Nobel Biocare

Our responsibility – We will repair and/or replace any problems with your implants complete free of charge given that:

  • There is a problem with the implant itself.
  • Problems during implant placement and prosthesis procedure.
  • Repair or replacement is done at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center (Address: 244A Cong Quynh St, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam). We are not responsible for any payment should you choose to have repair/replacement done at another clinic/center.
  • Airfare, accommodation and other transportation costs are NOT included.

Conditions and Requirement

You MUST follow instructions in Implant Home Care to be eligible for our Warranty Policy.

Dental warranty will be reduced or voided for:

  • Allergies and illnesses that were not disclosed properly before the dental procedures are performed.
  • A general illness is present which has an unfavourable effect on the chewing organ (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, after-condition excessive X-rays or chemotherapy).
  • Bone graft or sinus lift at the same time with implant placement.
  • Excessive smoking or substance abuse.
  • Poor post-procedure dental hygiene.
  • Teeth night guard not used when have teeth grinding.
  • Damages caused by extreme stress (grinding at night, grip of the teeth).
  • Damages caused by procedures performed by dentist/doctor that are not part of Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center.
  • Patients do not re-visit for dental check-ups and cleanings.

8. All-on-4 and All-on-6 cases at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

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9. Why choosing Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center?

  • Expertise & Experience: Hung is one of the best experts in implant and cosmetic dentistry with over 20 years experience and is an active member of many professional associations (See more). We have a team of specialized dental experts in different fields including dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, etc.
  • Most advanced technological equipment: We are the only dental hospital in Vietnam equipped with a CT Cone Beam, Panorex, radiography, and electrocardiogram system.
  • Sedation dentistry: Sedative therapies are used to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.
  • Optimal quality: Eight specialized dental department means you could get all the required services at one time. We guarantee the best treatment result at a very reasonable cost, with warranty policy lasting up to a lifetime.
  • Global ranking: Hung & Associates Dental Hospital is listed as the #1 dental hospital in Vietnam. Our level of expertise, facilities, services and patient responses have proven to be well above current international clinic standards.

First 5-star dental center in Vietnam


Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 54 Dental Implant, All-on-4, All-on-6, reviews.

Patient Review By Sun

I am happy this clinic result. I have done dental bridge and implants. I will recommend this clinic to my friend.

- Sun

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Patient Review By Barbara K

We are very pleased with our treatment. The staff try very hard to help us understand the procedures. Let us know our options and explained the pricing of options clearly. Nothing was too much trouble and they are dedicated professionals. We highly recommend them.

- Barbara K

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Patient Review By Tanya

Everything is excellent. The staffs are nice and efficient. I will recommend many people to come to this clinic.

- Tanya

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Patient Review By Richie

Very pleased with the results. Dr Hung and his team were very professional, very friendly and highly committed to delivering world class service and results. I thoroughly recommend Dr Hung and his team to anyone requiring dentistry and wish them well in future. Will be back in six months time.

- Richie

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Patient Review By Swrabirb

Our treatment at the clinic was outstanding, the staff service was fantastic, caring and reassuring. The cost of our dental work was a quarter of the price in Australia and can be reassured the quality and professionalism was exceptional. Perfection.

- Swrabirb

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Patient Review By Shane K

I came to have 2 implants put in for my 2 front top teeth. Dr. Hung and his crew were very professional. I was very impressed with his surgery and the way they worked. I had very little pain, much less then I would ever have expected and the work was completed quickly and efficiently. My first visit to have the implants set in was done over 2 visits in 2 days then a check up a week later before I flew home. I revisited to have the crowns put on 5 months later and again the work was done in 2 days. Thank you Dr. Hung, I am very happy with my teeth.

- Shane K

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Patient Review By Maria

I saw Dr Do Dinh Hung's clinic when he was located in District 3. I got 5 implants and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, quality of service and friendliness experienced. I plan to go back this year, to get more implants done, and I will never use any other dentist. Thank you Dr Hung!

- Maria

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Patient Review By Cecilia Vu

I cannot describe how happy I am with the results of my dental work. I would like to say thank you to the wonderful team at Mr Hung & Associates Dental Centre for providing me with their high quality service. I am so impressed with each team member’s professionalism and caring manner. I have had so many compliments about my teeth since returning home to Australia and I will be recommending this facility to all my friends and family. In fact, I will be returning in a few months with a few friends to get some more dental work done! Talk about a million dollar smile 🙂

- Cecilia Vu

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Patient Review By Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hocking

All as quoted and very good result for my wife and I. We had crowns, implants and veneers. I would recommend to family and friends.

- Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hocking

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Patient Review By Connie H

I came to Dr Hung's Dental Centre on the advice of a friend who had already come 2 years before to get her own dental work done. On arrival, I found the clinic to be clean, beautiful and professional looking. The staff were all very friendly, helpful and caring even though sometimes the language barrier was a problem - somehow we managed to get around that with sign language! My teeth needed major work as I had had many fillings in the past, my teeth looked cracked and worn down and I had had a few extractions. I had my teeth capped, 3 implants and a bridge put in. It was much more cost effective than were I live in Australia. My dentist was very good - and very patient! I am a very nervous patient and my teeth were very sensitive. However my dentist was very skilled and persevering. I now have very natural looking, lovely teeth. Thank you Dr Hung and your team for your lovely work and for the confidence I have with my new smile!

- Connie H

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Patient Review By Dragos U

I had very good experience at Dr, Hung Dental Center, very good doctors and all the staff. They have very good price as well compared to Australia, Europe and USA. I would highly recommend Dr. Hung's clinic.

- Dragos U

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Patient Review By Dom Elliott

i would reccomend Dr hung surgey to everyone a brilliant city to visit and brilliant doctors

- Dom Elliott

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Patient Review By Marilyn Boyse

My husband and I had dental work done and we are thoroughly delighted to highly recommend the expertise, diligence and compassionate care that was given to us. We felt special. The end product is wonderful and most importantly very little pain. They really do practice painless dentistry. We wish Dr Hung and all his staffl the very best wishes for now and the future.

- Marilyn Boyse

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Patient Review By Dennis F

Very professional service which exceeded all my expectations. The most modern clinic I have ever seen, with all the latest equipment in house. Combined with a very high level of cleanliness, all my prior research has certainly paid off.

- Dennis F

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