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Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains from the teeth to brighten the appearance of your teeth. Three standard methods of teeth whitening here in Vietnam are: teeth polishing, teeth bleaching, and micro abrasion. Here you will find details about our teeth whitening prices.

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Teeth polishing is a very simple process with slight surface polishing.

The procedure is done using a combination of a slow-speed hand piece and a special stain removing polish.

You should have this done every 6 months.

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This process uses a strong oxidizing agent to lighten the teeth such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. It can be done at a dental clinic with a more concentrated solution and special bleaching light or laser, or at home using a customized tray with a less concentrated bleaching gel. Micro abrasion is the process of rubbing a special concentrated stain removing compound onto the teeth.
teeth whitening


  • Brush your teeth carefully with whitening toothpaste after every meal.
  • Avoid dark color foods such as: coffee, tea…which can easy stain your teeth. Using a straw helps the liquid to bypass your teeth, to maintain whiteness.
  • Refrain from smoking; smoking is a major cause of discoloration and continuing the habit quickly stains your whitened teeth.

TEETH WHITENING AT Dr Hung & Associates Dental Central in vietnam

LASER TEETH WHITENING: We use a special teeth whitening procedure include teeth cleaning, polishing and then laser teeth whitening to remove all stained and dark spots on your teeth. You will get a bright smile after 2 hours. In our dental central, we use Laser Zoom 2 whitening system from Phillips Zoom, the No.1 patient-requested professional whitening brand in the US.

You can also use teeth whitening pack at home. Our doctor will give you directions to do it at home on your own.

IMAGES (BEFORE & AFTER) OF TEETH WHITENING AT Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center in vietnam

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teeth whitening

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I am very happy with the results òf my dental crowns and impant. I felt quite a bit òf pain during the proceedures because my teeth are so sensitive but my Doctor and staff đid everything they could to make me feel ás comfortable ás posible. Thank you all so much for my brand new smile and for all of the fantastic customer service! Bec

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