1. What is laminate / porcelain veneer?

Dental veneer is a thin layer of laminate / porcelain (0.3 to 0.5 mm) that is placed on the outer surface of your teeth, helping you to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Veneer is a thin laminate / porcelain layer that looks completely natural

Veneer does not require as much teeth grinding as dental crown, therefore you might not require root canal treatment and could keep as much of your real teeth as possible.

Porcelain veneer has become one of the most popular solutions for restorative dentistry, not only in Vietnam, but also in developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia and other developed countries across Europe.

2. Which case is suitable for laminate / porcelain veneer in vietnam?

  • Stained teeth are not too severe
  • Small teeth, teeth are sparse.
  • Decayed tooth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Other abnormal defects of the teeth

Suitable cases for laminate / porcelain veneers

3. What are the pros and cons of laminate / porcelain veneer in vietnam?


  • Correct defects of teeth such as spoilt, sparse, small teeth, decay, chipped, tilted, colored …
  • Create natural beauty and provide durability as real teeth
  • Minimize the impact on tooth enamel (less grinding of tooth enamel)
  • Not taking root canal


  • High cost
  • Difficult technique requiring doctors to be highly skilled
  • Limited applicability (not as widely used as porcelain crowns)

4. Which material is used to produce porcelain veneer?

At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, we use Emax – imported directly from Europe – to produce porcelain veneer, because:

  • Its hardness is highly similar to real teeth
  • Color and light reflection is most similar to real teeth

5. What is the procedure for veneer?

The procedure for laminate / porcelain veneer fluctuates depending on the quantity of veneers. On average, each case of laminate / porcelain veneer (5-10 units) requires approximately 5-7 days, including 4-5 appointments.

  • Appointment 1: Examination (taking X-rays if needed) and making treatment plan. Teeth cleaning, taking impression for Smile Design.
  • Appointment 2: Prepare laminate / porcelain veneer, taking impression for study cast and place temporary veneer
  • Appointment 3-4: Try-in and install the veneer(s)
  • Appointment 4-5: Re-examination and adjustment (if needed)

It is recommended that patients have re-examination every 6 months, either at our center or with any local dentist.

Veneer placement procedure at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

6. What are the Prices for porcelain veneer in ho chi minh city?

Veneer Type

Price per unit


Emax veneer

$350 USD

10 years

Ultrathin veneer

$375 USD

10 years

7. Is there a Warranty Policy in vietnam?

At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, we have a 10-year warranty policy for laminate / porcelain veneer placement at our center.

Warranty card for patients who had porcelain veneers at our center

Conditions and Requirement

Dental warranty will be reduced or voided for:

  • Diseases caused by poor post-procedure dental hygiene.
  • Damages caused by extreme stress (grinding at night, grip of the teeth).
  • Patients do not follow dentists’ post-procedure home care instructions
  • Patients do not re-visit for dental check-ups and cleanings.

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8. Do you have Dental veneer cases at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center?

9. Why choose Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center?

  • Expertise & Experience: Hung is one of the best experts in implant and cosmetic dentistry with over 20 years experience and is an active member of many professional associations (See more). We have a team of specialized dental experts in different fields including dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, etc.
  • Most advanced technological equipment: We are the only dental hospital in Vietnam equipped with a CT Cone Beam, Panorex, radiography, and electrocardiogram system.
  • Sedation dentistry: Sedative therapies are used to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.
  • Optimal quality: Eight specialized dental department means you could get all the required services at one time. We guarantee the best treatment result at a very reasonable cost, with a warranty policy lasting up to a lifetime.
  • Global ranking: Hung & Associates Dental Hospital is listed as the #1 dental hospital in Vietnam. Our level of expertise, facilities, services and patient responses have proven to be well above current international clinic standards.

First 5-star dental center in Vietnam