Patient Review By Peter H

The trouble with my wife’s teeth is that although they are indeed perfect, mine are better. We have both had extensive dental work in Vietnam and are beyond being just very well pleased. It is the best money and results we have ever spent on dental work. Now why is it so good yet previous care in Australia has proven without a doubt to be so poor? Lets look at Dr Hung’s of Vietnam first. The facility he has established is exquisite. Everything about the décor and infrastructure is of a high standard rarely seen. He appears to employ at least 60 staff from the dentists and specialists, in house technicians, cleaners, drivers, security; all are immaculate, personable, positive and happy. They work long hours on dental procedures and I wondered how they manage. Many my procedures were over 5 hours duration and to stay focused for that time is a feat not to be discounted. That’s a long time in a chair for the patient and a long time to be a dentist or nurse. I believe (but have not seen) that they have facilities in the complex where they are able to sleep if needed. So the staff are certainly not neglected but respected and acknowledged for their contribution. That may be but a part of the reason for such enthusiasm. The dentistry itself is customer focused. No matter what the procedure, booking and completion of work is quick, relatively painless and excellent. Probably in excess of 60% of the clients appear to be Australian and most are on some form of holiday so their time is valuable and limited. In our case in order to get to Vietnam we had a long bus and train day trip from a small country town to Sydney for a few days and yes, I did think it was not really necessary for such an effort as we have dentists in Australia, considered an apparent first world country. However at the completion of all work it has proven to indeed be worth the effort for the quality, the speed of procedures and of course the cost. Now lets us look at Australian dentistry. We have lived in country towns in NSW with Coffs Harbour being the largest. All the dentists have been of a single or dual practice. It may be different in the cities but they were always out of reach. They perform whatever procedure is required in an allocated time to ensure as many clients are maintained throughout the day. There is no flexibility if procedure requires more time so further appointments are made. Their work has to pay for staff and all those associated costs, rent, equipment and maintenance. That is a big task for one person and helps to explain the higher cost. They predominately fill, extract, sometimes root canal and occasionally crown. All my previous crowns when removed clearly had decay, partially removed nerve tissues with calcified nerve all as a result of poor and inadequate preparation. I was disgusted to see the evidence when crowns were removed and root canal needed. Now whatever task I undertake I ensure I do so to the best of my ability, so do our dentists? As an example, to have a root removed at the local dentist can time consuming, time allocations are limited so requires multiple visits. In Vietnam one root canal took over 5 hours and they continued until it was completed. That is not possible at the local dentist so many trips are required. So my local dentists, from 6 different towns, have failed me and not done as expected even with much higher costs. When I am injected with Lignocaine and they are operating I expect the work to be such a standard that complications do not occur and the work perfect. This has clearly proven to be not the case. Effectively I have wasted money and time, both of which are finite, and suffered the associated consequences of toothaches and continual repairs. The work at Dr Hung has been by my standards extensive. 5 RCT (4 endodontic, 1 calcified under a 5 year old crown, 1 apicoectomy under another crown, 6 implants and crowns, 15 Zirconia crown/bridges and 1 night mouthguard. When I sit back and calculate the time required for the same treatment in Australia it would require at least 60 visits over years and not weeks. So what can we do to improve the situation in Australia? Maybe Dr Hung can offer opportunities for Australian dentists to see how it should be done? Small practices could become larger and share skills, staff and equipment. Maybe a 3rd world country can advise a first world country? I recommend Dr Hung. They are customer focused from the moment of collecting you at the airport to returning you when your stay is completed. And that is why we are elated with the care we have had in Vietnam. A life changing experience in so many ways. Peter Heffernan Bega, Australia

- Peter H

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