Patient Review By Koula Langanis

I am absolutely thrilled I came across this clinic/hospital. It was so daunting thinking about getting my teeth "fixed" in Vietnam, as realistically speaking, you definitely read and hear about "horror stories" :/ I have a friend back in Australia who is an orthodontist and he strongly recommended me NOT to go to Vietnam to "get my teeth done", as he "fixes everybody's problems who have been and had their teeth done in Vietnam". I had such a good instinct about this clinic in Ho Chi Minh, but I was a little concerned about hygiene. I emailed the clinic with my concerns and not long after, I had the CEO from the hospital contact me via phone to chat with me about my concerns. His name is Allan and he is an Aussie!!! Wow, that really made me feel at ease and after speaking to him, he confirmed my "good instinct". After coming to Ho Chi Minh and meeting Allan, I was impressed over his friendliness and kindness. He is very approachable and I recommend you chat with him if you want "a peace of mind" before going over. All I can say, is I am so happy I found this great clinic with all these wonderful people and most of all, I LOVE MY NEW TEETH!!!!!

- Koula Langanis

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