Why is Vietnam Such a Popular Dental Tourism Destination?

More Australians than ever are travelling overseas to have dental work done. But what’s driving this trend? In this post, we’ll look at five reasons that Australians are looking overseas – and particularly at Vietnam – for high-value dental work:

  1. Getting dental work done in Vietnam could save you big money.
    One of the leading reasons that dental tourism is popular in any country comes down to the cash that you could save. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or a major operation, you’ll be paying pennies on the dollar if you have it done in Vietnam rather than in Australia or elsewhere in the West. This comes without any notable trade-offs in quality of facilities or dental work.
  2. Vietnam offers top-quality dental-care facilities.
    We touched on this in the previous section. Many people are understandably concerned about the quality of care that they’ll receive in Vietnam. After all, this is a developing nation with infrastructure that doesn’t yet equal that of Australia or the rest of the western world. But the reality is that the boom of dental tourism in Vietnam has paved the way for brand-new facilities and top-of-the-line equipment. There’s a good chance that your dentist in Australia relies on older equipment and facilities than your new dentist in Vietnam would.
  3. Your waiting time is likely to be short in Vietnam.
    Dental waiting times are often a year or longer in Australia – and up to 17 months in some parts of South Australia. If you travel to Vietnam, you’ll have virtually no wait to deal with. Rather than relying on an inefficient system to dictate when and where you can get dental work done, it makes much more sense to travel to Vietnam, where it’s both more affordable and faster.
  4. Vietnam has a host of other attractions on hand.
    One of the beautiful things about travelling to Vietnam to have dental work done is that you can enjoy the amazing tourism attractions that this country has to offer. The vast majority of dental work that a person has done is outpatient in nature – and that means you don’t have to worry about recovery time. Instead, you can venture out to explore exciting sites such as Halong Bay, Hoi An, Saigon or Hanoi. And given all the money you saved on your dental procedure, your time in Vietnam is going to be more enjoyable than ever!
  5. You can bundle your dental work and holiday into one in Vietnam.
    Given the low cost of airfare and the availability of affordable travel destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, more Australians are travelling abroad than ever. If you’re already planning a trip to Vietnam, scheduling a clean-up or any other dental procedure is a great way to maximise the value of your trip. Every dollar you save on dental work is another dollar you can put toward your holiday – and that’s never a bad thing!

If you’re interested in getting dental work done in Vietnam, contact Dental Center today to find out more about how we can help.