Urgent Announcement

To past, current and prospective clients:

This is to advise that Mr Tuan Nguyen, also known as Mr Troy Nguyen (Email: [email protected], Facebook: Troy Nguyen) has been terminated from employment at Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center (Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital), effective as of May 15, 2018 due to violation of our company regulations, secretive collection of patients’ fees for personal use, and ignorance of customers’ queries and requests.

If you have, under any circumstances, been affected by the behaviour of Mr Tuan Nguyen, please accept our most sincere apology for any loss or inconvenience caused. Please be advised that it is always in our greatest interest to professionally and honestly engage with all patients. Changes have been implemented to ensure none of our patients would have to experience this issue in the future.

We hereby accept full responsibility for any issues caused to our patients by Mr Tuan Nguyen’s behaviour during his period of employment at our company. If you have been contacted by email, SMS or telephone by Mr Tuan Nguyen and asked to place money – for your dental work at Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center – into the Australian ING bank account (BSB: 923-100; Account number: 6147-9003) between  01/10/2017 and 15/05/2018 please contact us through [email protected] or [email protected]com or [email protected]com or call 1800 823 058 to have your issue resolved.



Do Dinh Hung

President of Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital