Dental Tourism: Taking Your Teeth Abroad

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to have dental work performed in overseas dental clinics, especially those who live in developed Western countries where prices are exceptionally high. However, while the attractions are obvious – lower priced, high quality dental work and the chance to explore an exotic country – fear of the unknown still prevents many from enjoying these benefits. If you are contemplating having a cosmetic procedure performed overseas but you are not sure what to expect, the information in this article will hopefully help to put your mind at rest and allow you to discover what thousands of others have already discovered: high quality dental services are available in South East Asia at surprisingly affordable prices and arranging a course of treatment is a simple process.

What to Expect When You Try Dental Tourism for the First Time

If you would like to save money on expensive dental treatment and spend some time relaxing in beautiful surroundings, Vietnam is an excellent choice of destination.  If you visit a reputable clinic in this country, you can look forward to a professional service from start to finish, with the following benefits:

  • English-Speaking Dentists and Dental Technicians – One of the biggest fears that people have before trying dental tourism for the first time is that of having to deal with dentists and technicians who cannot speak a word of English. Visit a top dental clinic in Vietnam, such as Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center, and you can look forward to being treated by a team comprised of dedicated professionals, all of who are fluent in the English language.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment – Another fear that may give some people pause for thought is that of being treated by a dentist using old-fashioned equipment. You will be pleased to learn that modern Vietnam dentists use the latest technology and tools when treating their patients so there is nothing to worry about on this score.
  • High Standards of Hygiene – You can expect the very highest standards of hygiene when visiting a dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, comparable to what you would find in a top Western clinic.
  • Highly Skilled Specialists – Vietnamese dentists undergo extensive training and must pass a series of strict, international-standard dentistry examinations (similar to those in Australia and other Western countries) before they are allowed to open a clinic. Many are members of international dentistry organisations and as such, can be expected to adhere to a strict code of practice at all times.
  • Reasonable Fees – You may be able to find cheaper dental services if you are willing to lower your standards but if you are looking for top quality dental work at reasonable prices, you will not find a better destination than Vietnam.


If you would like further information on travelling to South East Asia for dental work, please do not hesitate to call or email us whenever convenient. We look forward to talking to you in the near future and to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Vietnam.