6 Facts You Never Knew about Dental Tourism

COSMETIC & RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY DEPARTMENTIf you’re thinking of getting some dental work done overseas, there’s plenty of research and planning to do first. You’ll learn a lot in the process of that research. On that note, here are seven facts you never knew about dental tourism:

1. Dental care performed overseas can be just as safe as at home.

It cannot be denied that some dentists provide better facilities and a higher degree of care than others. In fact, you’ll find operators like this all over the world. To be sure, there are more than a few of those in Australia, as well. Dentists at the leading dental tourism destinations around the world are acutely aware of this, and they go out of their way to meet or even exceed international standards. Any above-board operator is going to be regulated, licensed and insured. Don’t settle for anything less.  

2. Dentists in the developing world are often trained overseas.

It’s always wise to look at your dentist’s qualifications and training record, and a quick survey of practitioners on Vietnam’s dental tourism scene have earned their degrees abroad. And to be fair, there are excellent schools of dentistry found in the developing world.

3. The equipment used by overseas dentists is often state-of-the-art.
The dental tourism industry is relatively young, which means most of the dental clinics catering to tourists in places like Vietnam are new. The same goes for the equipment they use. There’s a good chance that it’s of a higher quality than the equipment your dentist uses at home.

4. Planning a dental tourism trip doesn’t have to be complicated.
The thought of browsing your options, settling on a dentist, finding accommodation and planning the other intricate details of your trip can seem overwhelming. But most dentists that cater to international patients are also equipped to assist with these considerations. This can make the entire experience much simpler.

5. You can research prospective dentists on dental tourism review sites.
When you are travelling so far to receive dental work, the last thing that anyone wants is to walk into a clinic blind. Fortunately, you don’t have to. The dental tourism industry is robust, to say the least. You’ll find a variety of reviews-oriented websites that guide you to the most reliable operators in a specific area.

6. The cost of travel doesn’t necessarily offset the savings. 

Even if you take a strict by-the-numbers approach to your dental care, it’s still likely that you’ll end up spending less than you would have in Australia – especially if you plan to visit a private clinic to get some major work done. But it’s also worth considering the value of the place as a tourist destination. There’s much to enjoy in Vietnam from a tourist’s perspective. If you’re already planning a visit, why not make a point of having your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled as well?

Do you have any more questions about dental tourism in Vietnam? Feel free to get in touch with us directly at the Dental Center.