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Sample Case For All-On-4 Implant Placement 2

First Time In Vietnam ‘All-On-4’ Solution With Advanced Surgical Guide Exclusively At Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center Mrs T.T.H, 55 years old, has lost all her teeth in the lower arch and had been using removable denture for the past 10 years. However, since the unfit denture resulted in discomfort and poor aesthetics, she […]

Sample Case For All-On-4 Implant Placement 1

Patient’s details: Male, 55 years old Consultation and treatment plan: Overall examination Overall condition: Good Heart related diseases: No Diabetes: No Intra-oral examination: The patient has lost both 2 jaws for more than 20 years. There was major bone deterioration, and the denture after years has been loosened and cannot be used anymore. CT X-Rays […]

Nobel Biocare Conference

Dental XP Conference

Charity Trip To Bac Lieu

The journey to Vinh Trach town, Bac Lieu City of Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center , with the main purpose to help local children and residents, was a big success. Our team of staff prior to the departure After 6 hours drive, our team has arrived at Vinh Trach town – Bac Lieu City: […]

AO Conference, San Fransisco

Dr. Hung Do at 30th AO Conference  (Academy of Osseointegration)  – San Fransisco, March 12-14, 2015 Dr. Hung Do with Professor Rhona Jacob  ( His teacher at Texas University, USA-1999) Dr. Hung Do with Vietnamese American Dentists

16th Meeting At The International College Of Prosthodontists

Do Dinh Hung DDS. PhD, Ngo Cong Uan DDS, Nguyen Hoang Loc DDS and Mr Do Danh Toan at the International College of Prosthodontists, Seoul. Do Dinh Hung, DDS, PhD with Proffesor Rhonda Jacob- President of the International College of Prosthodontists Do Dinh Hung DDS. PhD and Professor Stefan Holst – One of the Founders […]

FAQ About Implants

Implant placement is so far the most modern and advanced solution in replacing lost tooth/teeth. Questions have been asked about implant placement and we are willing to give answer as followed: 1. What is an Implant? A dental implant is a cylindrical post, usually made of titanium, that is placed in the jawbone so that […]

How to Find a Good Dentist That You Can Trust

Finding the right dentist can seem like an overwhelming task, but it gets a lot easier once you know where to look to find good candidates, what to look for when comparing them and finally what questions to ask to determine which best fits your needs and situation. How to Find One The best way […]

FAQ About Veneers

1. What is a dental veneer? Esthetic porcelain veneers contain a Zirconia frame inside and a thin layer of porcelain outside. It often needs a little grinding to natural tooth to improve the strength or appearance of worn teeth or severely damaged teeth (root canal treatment only needed in some special situations). 2. What are […]