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We would like to express our deep gratitude and respect to all our clients who has trusted and supported to giving us a chance to realize our passion as well as our motto “MAKING YOUR PERFECT SMILE“. Do Dinh Hung, DDS, PhD


Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 143 reviews.

Patient Review By David B

Treatment was an exam, orbital X-ray, and diagnosis. The staff was very kind and straightforward. The price for the exam and X-ray was nominal. I felt comfortable and assured, these dentists knew what they were talking about. This is a great place. From the time they picked me up at the hotel until I left, it was an excellent experience.

- David B

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Patient Review By Anne C

One suggestion l would like to mention to score 100/100 is to inform patient as to time frame required or time left for each stage of procedure otherwise l would highly recommend this dental centre to anyone.

- Anne C

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Patient Review By Juli White

I would highly recommend Dr Hung and his staff. I was welcomed warmly upon arrival by the girls in Reception. The treatment was excellent and all staff were very caring and kind as well as gentle. This treatment is equal to anything that I have received in Australia. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Hung and his amazing staff to anyone requiring dental work. Thank you all very much.

- Juli White

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Patient Review By Carrie Crack A

Amazing treatment, very professional, and everyone is fully committed to ensuring top customer service. Dr Loc and his team provided great advice , helping with decisions I was struggling with.Alan also is a asset and great "go to' person. Many thanks, I will certainly spread the word, and be back soon for the final touches.

- Carrie Crack A

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Patient Review By Cheryl Ann Cowden c

Very friendly professional service.

- Cheryl Ann Cowden c

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Patient Review By Angela W

Our experience has been fantastic. From when we first walk in the door, seeing the smiling faces of the lovely ladies there to greet you and show you through the process. Through to the profesionalism of the whole team has been amazing. They have been more than happy arranged everything for us - Taxi's, Hotels, Tours all with a smile. The complete package at no extra costs.

- Angela W

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Patient Review By Gleniss M

I had 22 crowns done at Dr Hung & Associates dental clinic I am extremely happy with the outcome .Dr Luke was very fustidious with his work, his dental nurse Tram and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. Two of my children had wisdom teeth out plus fillings and cleaning, very family friendly and at affordable prices. We would like to thank Dr Hung & Associatesdental very much. Gleniss Rotorua New Zealand.

- Gleniss M

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Patient Review By thi linh bac phuong b

amazing staff and doctors, very professional and thorough with instructions

- thi linh bac phuong b

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Patient Review By Koula Langanis

I am absolutely thrilled I came across this clinic/hospital. It was so daunting thinking about getting my teeth "fixed" in Vietnam, as realistically speaking, you definitely read and hear about "horror stories" :/ I have a friend back in Australia who is an orthodontist and he strongly recommended me NOT to go to Vietnam to "get my teeth done", as he "fixes everybody's problems who have been and had their teeth done in Vietnam". I had such a good instinct about this clinic in Ho Chi Minh, but I was a little concerned about hygiene. I emailed the clinic with my concerns and not long after, I had the CEO from the hospital contact me via phone to chat with me about my concerns. His name is Allan and he is an Aussie!!! Wow, that really made me feel at ease and after speaking to him, he confirmed my "good instinct". After coming to Ho Chi Minh and meeting Allan, I was impressed over his friendliness and kindness. He is very approachable and I recommend you chat with him if you want "a peace of mind" before going over. All I can say, is I am so happy I found this great clinic with all these wonderful people and most of all, I LOVE MY NEW TEETH!!!!!

- Koula Langanis

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Patient Review By Edward G

Dr. Uan is very efficient. He completed the work quickly and professionally with no complications. Thank you. Great facility.

- Edward G

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Patient Review By Helen H

I chose Dr. Hung after the research I’d done and also because of other people’s recommendations. I didn't have to pay any hidden costs when I had my dental implants done and I’m happy with the outcome and price. After the treatment, there were no follow-ups. I had to fly home afterward so I couldn’t really go back to them, but everything was fine. The professionalism of the staff was excellent, while the cleanliness of the clinic and the quality of the actual treatment deserves a 100%. I thought the place was more beautiful than any clinic I’d ever been to.

- Helen H

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Patient Review By Peter H

The trouble with my wife’s teeth is that although they are indeed perfect, mine are better. We have both had extensive dental work in Vietnam and are beyond being just very well pleased. It is the best money and results we have ever spent on dental work. Now why is it so good yet previous care in Australia has proven without a doubt to be so poor? Lets look at Dr Hung’s of Vietnam first. The facility he has established is exquisite. Everything about the décor and infrastructure is of a high standard rarely seen. He appears to employ at least 60 staff from the dentists and specialists, in house technicians, cleaners, drivers, security; all are immaculate, personable, positive and happy. They work long hours on dental procedures and I wondered how they manage. Many my procedures were over 5 hours duration and to stay focused for that time is a feat not to be discounted. That’s a long time in a chair for the patient and a long time to be a dentist or nurse. I believe (but have not seen) that they have facilities in the complex where they are able to sleep if needed. So the staff are certainly not neglected but respected and acknowledged for their contribution. That may be but a part of the reason for such enthusiasm. The dentistry itself is customer focused. No matter what the procedure, booking and completion of work is quick, relatively painless and excellent. Probably in excess of 60% of the clients appear to be Australian and most are on some form of holiday so their time is valuable and limited. In our case in order to get to Vietnam we had a long bus and train day trip from a small country town to Sydney for a few days and yes, I did think it was not really necessary for such an effort as we have dentists in Australia, considered an apparent first world country. However at the completion of all work it has proven to indeed be worth the effort for the quality, the speed of procedures and of course the cost. Now lets us look at Australian dentistry. We have lived in country towns in NSW with Coffs Harbour being the largest. All the dentists have been of a single or dual practice. It may be different in the cities but they were always out of reach. They perform whatever procedure is required in an allocated time to ensure as many clients are maintained throughout the day. There is no flexibility if procedure requires more time so further appointments are made. Their work has to pay for staff and all those associated costs, rent, equipment and maintenance. That is a big task for one person and helps to explain the higher cost. They predominately fill, extract, sometimes root canal and occasionally crown. All my previous crowns when removed clearly had decay, partially removed nerve tissues with calcified nerve all as a result of poor and inadequate preparation. I was disgusted to see the evidence when crowns were removed and root canal needed. Now whatever task I undertake I ensure I do so to the best of my ability, so do our dentists? As an example, to have a root removed at the local dentist can time consuming, time allocations are limited so requires multiple visits. In Vietnam one root canal took over 5 hours and they continued until it was completed. That is not possible at the local dentist so many trips are required. So my local dentists, from 6 different towns, have failed me and not done as expected even with much higher costs. When I am injected with Lignocaine and they are operating I expect the work to be such a standard that complications do not occur and the work perfect. This has clearly proven to be not the case. Effectively I have wasted money and time, both of which are finite, and suffered the associated consequences of toothaches and continual repairs. The work at Dr Hung has been by my standards extensive. 5 RCT (4 endodontic, 1 calcified under a 5 year old crown, 1 apicoectomy under another crown, 6 implants and crowns, 15 Zirconia crown/bridges and 1 night mouthguard. When I sit back and calculate the time required for the same treatment in Australia it would require at least 60 visits over years and not weeks. So what can we do to improve the situation in Australia? Maybe Dr Hung can offer opportunities for Australian dentists to see how it should be done? Small practices could become larger and share skills, staff and equipment. Maybe a 3rd world country can advise a first world country? I recommend Dr Hung. They are customer focused from the moment of collecting you at the airport to returning you when your stay is completed. And that is why we are elated with the care we have had in Vietnam. A life changing experience in so many ways. Peter Heffernan Bega, Australia

- Peter H

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Patient Review By Angela F

Entered Dental Clinic with severe eroding and enamel decay of front teeth and tooth decay. Treatment plan included six ̉ crowns and ten fillings. Staff and Dentists spoke excellent English, friendly and I felt well looked after. Very clean and hygienic center. Extremely happy with the final result. Excellent value for money with easy payment options. Would thoroughly recommend

- Angela F

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Patient Review By Elena B

Someone referred me to Dr. Hung for porcelain veneers. After doing some research I decided this clinic would be a good fit for me. I’m very satisfied with the results and the price was good, too. I think it’s a very nice, well-organized clinic. The staff pride themselves on the service they offer. I was informed about everything before I decided to get the veneers. The service was efficient and always professional. I’m happy with the overall experience.

- Elena B

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Patient Review By Jacques M

I wanted to have a cantilever bridge done and visited my dentist in New Zealand who gave me an outline of all my options. I knew I could get it done at a cheaper rate in Vietnam and I chose Dr. Hung & Associates because of their good reviews and positive feedback on the website. The price was excellent. The dental clinic had a very professional setup - in fact, I think they would have put a lot of clinics in New Zealand to shame with their excellent service. My procedure was a major treatment: I had a missing tooth before, but this is no longer a problem now. It was quality treatment at a price I could afford.

- Jacques M

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Patient Review By Cherie H

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh, Annie greeted us at the airport and the beautiful journey began. All the staff and especially Deb are always smiling always happy to help with tours, transport and even good restaurants nearby. Then the dental side began. From the start to finish I can't believe just so much work had been done in such a short time. 1 week I had my teeth cleaned, a whitening 3 root canals and 3 crowns done. All under the same roof or 6 stories. The same amount of work would have taken 3 months going from dentist to orthodontist etc. Five-star treatment and service all the way.

- Cherie H

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Patient Review By John D

I visited Dr. Hung Clinic about 6 weeks ago while traveling for business to get some advice on how to improve my teeth and the worn out look of them. I was very impressed with the premises and staff, especially Dr. Uan, who gave me complete confidence in his advice. Now I have come back again and had complete works done, all porcelain crowns and they feel and look great. I would highly recommend Dr. Hung and his clinic. The experience was professional and yet so friendly and understanding of my needs. I never felt rushed or pressured at any time, even considering I tend to not like dentists. I again must thank Dr. Uan and his friendly staff of assistants for making my experience a pleasant journey.

- John D

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Patient Review By Alex L

2018! What a great start to the year. I came back to complete my dental work this year finally having the crowns put on my implants, what can I say but wow and thank you to the dentist who has looked after me this trip, special thanks to Dr. NGO once again who looked after my last trip as well. As I said in my last review I would recommend family and friends! So this trip I brought along my mother and father in law. My mother had full veneers done to her teeth with 2 bridges to cover missing teeth, she couldn’t be happier with her smile and no missing teeth. My father in law had All in 1 implants done to his top teeth and bottom teeth. He’s had missing teeth for the last 15 years and wasn’t able to chew properly with his dentures, they would give him pain on and off all the time. He’s had his new implants in for the last 2 weeks and could not be happier with the results. The honest truth it did hurt him a little, it did bruise him a little. I asked him would he do it all over again? He said if he had to go through all the drilling and grinding as long as it was with HD dental Center. I can’t thank all the dentist and staff enough for all the work and help they have given me and my family. Will definitely recommend to friends and family again.

- Alex L

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Patient Review By Musa A

I had extensive treatment. Bone graft, sinus lift, 6 implants and 6 teeth crowns. Laser whitening and gum surgery. It was fantastic, especially the staff. Very hard working, caring compassionate. I especially love Kim the receptionist. She was fantastic.

- Musa A

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Patient Review By Jodie D

My husband and I recently returned to Australia after having some dental work done at Dr Hung and Associates - we couldn't be happier with the result!! Quotes from dentists in Australia were nearing the 40k mark, so we started researching dentists overseas, when I stumbled across this clinic. The reviews were very good and we went ahead and booked, although we still had reservations about having work done outside of Australia. It was a little scary... The minute we walked into the clinic though, our reservations were put to rest. I can't speak highly enough of the clinic itself, the staff or the whole process in general. It far exceeded our expectations! The CEO, a fellow Australian, was lovely and took us for a tour of the clinic. We were super impressed with the cleanliness and professionalism. The technology used is state-of-the-art. Australian dental clinics paled in comparison. My husband had 12 porcelain crowns, laser teeth whitening, clean and polish, 2 impacted wisdom teeth and an infected molar removed. I had 1 porcelain veneer, 1 crown, 2 fillings, clean and polish and laser whitening. The total...just under 6k. My husband is now smiling with confidence for the first time in 20 years. We both love our new smiles. I will certainly be back for some extra work soon. It was great to combine the dental work with a holiday. I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic. It's fantastic! A huge thank you to all the beautiful staff who looked after us.

- Jodie D

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