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We would like to express our deep gratitude and respect to all our clients who has trusted and supported to giving us a chance to realize our passion as well as our motto “MAKING YOUR PERFECT SMILE“. Do Dinh Hung, DDS, PhD


Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 124 reviews.

Patient Review By Cherie H

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh, Annie greeted us at the airport and the beautiful journey began. All the staff and especially Deb are always smiling always happy to help with tours, transport and even good restaurants nearby. Then the dental side began. From the start to finish I can't believe just so much work had been done in such a short time. 1 week I had my teeth cleaned, a whitening 3 root canals and 3 crowns done. All under the same roof or 6 stories. The same amount of work would have taken 3 months going from dentist to orthodontist etc. Five-star treatment and service all the way.

- Cherie H

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Patient Review By Brian

My name is Brian Dimmock from Melbourne Australia. I recently had dental work done in October 2017 and I am very happy to recommend you to any future clients looking for dental work. From the first minute, you picked us up from the airport on our arrival to our last visit the service was first class and highly professional. Thank you so much for your professional service and your care and my teeth look great. All my friends and family at home cannot believe the transformation of my smile. This service was far superior to what I would have received in Australia.

- Brian

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Patient Review By Lukas K

After a surgery because of a broken lower jaw a week before I went to Vietnam, I wanted to see a dentist because of my wound healing. The staff and doctor are very friendly! The doctor was a professional and told me just to wash my mouth with a special antibacterial irrigation. He offered me a dental wash for just 24 dollars! I agreed of course and after 15 minutes my teeth were free of scale. At the end, I paid just 25 dollars. I really enjoyed my stay there!

- Lukas K

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Patient Review By Kim S

I chose an overseas clinic because dental work is too ridiculously-priced in New Zealand. My sister and brother-in-law had both been to Dr. Hung and they were really pleased with the service. This is why I chose him for my cosmetic dental procedure. I had my front teeth fixed and I’m super satisfied with the results. The clinic itself was beautiful, and the places over here in NZ don’t even come close in terms of quality. I could tell we were going to get first-class treatment from the moment I walked through the doors. The hospitality and service were excellent. I had a really lovely dentist and Dr. Hung himself was brilliant too. The clinic is really modern and they pride themselves on having access to the latest equipment in the field. I’ve been to this clinic twice now, and have recommended several of my friends to him. I would say the procedure has changed my life. Smiling always made me self-conscious, but I can smile with confidence because my teeth are beautiful now. The dentists here don’t just focus on cosmetic work, and they have done more serious dental procedures as well.

- Kim S

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Patient Review By Peter M

I have just completed my first visit to Dr Hungs and have had 7 Implants, Crowns on all top teeth and an old filling re-done ( As the dentists insisted it should be saved) Like most Australians we are hesitant in leaving our shores because of the scare tactics of our dentists so therefore pay preposterous amounts of money for sometimes mediocre care. This is one of cleanest, Friendliest State of the art clinics I have seen. From been picked up from the airport and then from the hotel on a daily basis (to attend my appointments) these people were on time to the minute. Dentists at the clinic have studied in USA, France and Canada to mention a few and conduct Implants and other procedures on a daily basis so you are in good hands. I would Highly recommend Dr Hungs Clinic without hesitation to anyone seeking Minor or Major dental work. Thanks for enabling me to smile again

- Peter M

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Patient Review By Kate F

I just came from my appointment and it was a very good experience. The staff there are very very friendly, informative and caring. They showed me step by step what they were doing and showed me my CT scans and explain them, they also asked me what I wanted to go through with and had the prices right there so I could decide if I could afford it or not. The whole place is clean and well managed. I would HIGHLY recommend the place to anyone wanting affordable and high-quality dental work! I am very happy with my results and if I am ever back in the city I will return to them for a check-up!

- Kate F

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Patient Review By Julie S

My partner and I had crowns and implants. The treatment was superb and staff considerate, polite and helpful. The facilities were clean and modern.

- Julie S

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Patient Review By Heather C

The team was amazing and I never felt like I shouldn’t be there. This was a fantastic experience, having had my veneers done 16 years ago in NZ and never really being happy with them, but this was amazing. My teeth are now straight and it is a pleasure to smile again with confidence. The team was amazing and I never felt like I shouldn’t be there. I would recommend this dental service to anyone in the world as the service, price and end result would be very hard to get anywhere else. Thank you to Dr. Hung Dental and the team Service. My husband and I will be back in a few years when we next need any dental work done. Thank you.

- Heather C

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Patient Review By Henrik P

Thanks for the work. I am really happy with how it all came out.

- Henrik P

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Patient Review By Grahame C

I had my treatment for 3 implants, a deep clean and a sinus lift in Nov 2017.This is a state of the art clinic. Me, like most of you that will read the reviews wondering should I risk it, believe me, my experience could not have been better.Absolute 1st class in every department. The very top dentist in the country, The latest technology and equipment, customer service is 2nd to none. Also, I now have an excuse to visit this wonderful country again to complete the next stage of my Implants.

- Grahame C

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Patient Review By Corneliu T

Excellent staff, very professional treatment provided, extremely time efficient, very happy with entire experience - will definitely recommend to everyone! Thank you again!

- Corneliu T

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Patient Review By Ian O

It was my wife who went to this clinic for root canal operations and crowning. I would say I am very impress at its facility and service quality. It was definitely worth the price paid, which is slightly more expensive than many others but more for the assurance and safety. I am very impressed the moment I stepped into this dental center. It simply beyond my imagination of a dental center in HCMC. I came from Singapore and I would say it is of world class standards in terms of facility and service. It even has a children clinic with an indoor play area for kids and rest area for adults and visitors, with a nice pantry area.

- Ian O

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Patient Review By Jurek Sroczynski

Hi guys well it has been 13 months since i had my bridge and crown work done and had no problems . Love my teeth and get alot of questions as to what i had done . All my friends are very impressed . WIll be coming back to see you next year for a checkup . Thanks again Jurek Sroczynski

- Jurek Sroczynski

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Patient Review By Jeff L

Hi Dr. Hung, I would like to thank you and your wife Mrs. Linh whom we met on our return visit to have Les’s veneers replaced with the crowns. Dr. Loc has done an excellent job and we are very happy to have Les’s smile restored. I was unaware of the distress she had been living with for years and once the work was completed I realised she had been staying at home rather than go anywhere. Thanks to your lovely wife and yourself for ensuring the final outcome! We greatly appreciate your input and are thankful to you both. Yours sincerely, Jeff and Les

- Jeff L

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Patient Review By Richard L

My partner and I just returned to Australia from our fourth visit to Dr Hung's dental surgery. D. had 2 implants (molar) installed last December and had two crowns placed this time. As D. had no rear lower molar behind these two new teeth her dentist Dr Tri suggested it would be advantageous to have an implant done and put a crown on this at this time as, due to new technolog, and being supported by the two other implants/crowns, no need to wait 6 months. She agreed and now has a full lower set of teeth, and only needs to not chew on that side for two months. She is very happy with the result. Cost of this was a fraction of cost in Oz. I had a large tempory filling in my upper rear molar that I've had for a few years and wanted a crown if possible. After examination by Dr Tan, my tooth was prepared, a root canal was necessary, and crown fitted. After a few days to settle down, my tooth felt fantastic. All up it only cost me just under $500 Aust. About a quarter of what I would have had to pay in Oz. This dental surgery is top notch. Highly recommended. Plus in between visits you can see lots of wonderful sights and places, and eat great food in Ho Chi Minh city.

- Richard L

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Patient Review By Brett MILLER

Very professional . Great service. Spotless facilities & equipment. Dr Tri was excellent . I am very happy with my 2 crowns , filling & teeth whitening . Pick up at Airport was an added bonus. Will definitely return if dental work required.

- Brett MILLER

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Patient Review By Paul

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the service and my dentist" "I came for deep cleaning. In America, my copay for deep cleaning would have been $600. But here without insurance, it was $180, bottom line. BUT, I also had a time bomb that I was ignoring. I had a molar that had no pain so I could ignore it. But it was in need of a root canal (turns out the tooth needed three root canals), a cap, and a crown. So I got that done too. That costed $442 here, but would have cost maybe >$2000 if one includes time off from work. Needless to say, not only WOULD I recommend this clinic, and the concept of dental tourism, I imagine I WILL be recommending it to all my family, friends, and work associates hopefully not beyond the point of being annoying. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the service and my dentist. I actually looked forward to my four visits for the procedures because of my dentist's ability to make me feel comfortable, that we were working on this together, and that step by step the difficult work would be done. As I mentioned, it turned out the tooth needed three root canals. After two of them, I was given the option of doing the third one the next day, or finishing same day. My dentist said that it would actually be better to do the third one third same day because of anesthesia and other reasons. Because she made me feel so confident during the first two, we successfully did the third one that day. My dentist worked from 2:15-7:30 on that. Tirelessly, methodically, and yet in such a positive way, like we were winning and would continue to win. In America, it would have been OMG everyone panic, take the whole week off of work, only one root canal a day."

- Paul

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Patient Review By Beverly Nola Westcoast

I had 6 fillings, a root canal, 2 crowns, an extraction, a bridge the whole treatment! My daughter lives in Saigon and I set her the task of finding a clinic for the overwhelming amount of work I needed done! She contacted several and visited HD where Liz showed her around and made the decision very easy. While I intended to get a lot of work done I increased the treatement two fold. Dr Tan was amazing and very patient as I am not the bravest patient. The amazing assistant Thuy was there holding my hand the entire time. I can not recommend the clinic highly enough as none of what I had done was straightforward and I am extremely happy with the outcome! Thank You All!!"

- Beverly Nola Westcoast

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Patient Review By Brett Bailey

"The treatment was very good, better and cheaper than Australia, I had Root Canal, Bridge and extraction. My friend who's living in Vietnam recommended Dr. Hung Dental Center to me. The clinic is very clean, staff & doctors was exceptional and very professional. I would highy recommend this dental center to all my friends and family."

- Brett Bailey

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Patient Review By Carla Bradley C

I would recommend Dr Hung to anybody considering any kind of dental treatment. “I needed veneers a bridge 9 crowns and teeth whitening done. It was extremely overpriced for this in Australia so I started researching the internet and found Dr Hung.The treatment plan sounded amazing so i went ahead and booked my flights and first appointment. From the first email to the last appointment the whole experience has been an absolute breeze and at an extremely affordable price. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the facilities are above 5 stars.. I would recommend Dr Hung to anybody considering any kind of dental treatment. You won't regret it!!”

- Carla Bradley C

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