Welcoming our new CEO from Australia!

Dr. Do Dinh Hung  is pleased to announce that our new CEO – Mr. Alan Williams has joined Worldwide Beauty & Dental Hospital. As a strategic and result-oriented person, with diverse management expertise in financial services, front-line sales, customer service, and  real estate markets, Mr. Williams has demonstrated in the past a commitment to succeed in the achievement of business / market growth and staff management. Adept at building businesses from the ground up, and leading high performing teams of dedicated staff to succeed and grow professionally. Promotes the delivery of professional, compliant and quality customer services to all clients.

Mr Williams currently sits on a board in the aged care sector in Australia. His vision for the company is aligned with its founder, Dr. Do Dinh Hung, which is to bring a world-class offering of dental and cosmetic procedures at affordable prices to its clients both nationally and internationally and to promote Vietnam as the number one destination for medical procedures.

The value he brings to us as a company can be summarised by:

  • Management and leadership style: Proven successes in building high performing teams, maintaining a ‘respect for all’ attitude. Leads by example by setting high expectations, offer guidance and mentoring and is a proponent of empowerment and accountability.
  • Accountable in high profile executive roles: Effectively manage complex business challenges making critical decisions using experience-based
  • Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist: A visionary, strategist and tactician. Consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability.
  • Consistently delivers mission-critical results: Driven by a visceral “hard-wired” need to strategise and innovate, is determined and skilled to deliver high-level revenue building strategies and tactics.
  • Strong orientation in operations and finance: Participates in high-level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design, process re-engineering, turnaround management, and reorganisation. As an innovative professional focuses on using instincts, insight, judgment, and timing to succeed.
  • Business Acumen: Reputation for high integrity, ethical behaviours and determination, and consistently professional in both presentation and manner.
  • Interpersonal liaison capabilities: Excellent ability establishing rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of responsibility, and liaising with management and a variety of industry experts.
  • Flexible in change management: Capable of adapting quickly to challenges and changing environments. Continually assesses process and procedure to ensure work effectiveness and efficiency.